Our Love Story

Sean and I met our freshman year of college at Hiram College in 2004. Lets just say it was not "love at first sight". You know that part in the 40 year old virgin where the guy doesnt really say anything to the girl and instead just answers her questions with questions? Yeah that is sort of how he got my attention. Sean said he was in the dinning hall with a mutual friend and he saw me (I was really blonde back then) and he told his friend that he wanted to meet the blonde girl. So that night our friend brought him to hang out. Sean sat across the room and just kept staring at me. Looking back it should have creeped me out haha but at the time it intrigued me. Everytime I would try to talk him he would just make eye contact with me and give me short responses. That was all it took for me. Eventually he began using real sentences which was nice! We were off and on for the first year and half (it was college). Finally on January 15th 2006 we made it official.
After college we moved in together and were learning how to be responsible adults....then in May 2011....SURPRISE
No girl dreams of "shot gun" wedding but we knew we loved each other and we wanted to be a family when Braeden was born. So we got married with only our immediate family there and then had a reception with our family and friends. Looking back I would not change a thing. We saved so much money and at the end of the day I have a beautiful ring on my finger, a handsome husband and a family! That is all this girl needs <3
After all these years, Sean is the person who can make me smile, make me laugh, make me want to pull my hair out and drive me more crazy than anyone in this world! But no matter what I love him. Until death do we part <3
Here is 8 years of photos....


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